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Dawnlough recently added a Nakamura-Tome MX-100 to our collection of machining centers and we were so impressed with this fantastic example of engineering that we have just signed for the delivery of another similar piece of equipment! We’re happy to announce we’ve now added the Nakamura-Tome NTY3-100 to our growing list of CNC machining centers here at our Galway facility. This Japanese built three-turret, three axis, opposed-spindle CNC multitasking machine has a spindle rotation speed of up to 6,000 rpm and can hold an impressive 72 cutting tools within its housing.

Having the ability to simultaneously remove material through the loading of cutting tools into upper and lower left/right opposed spindles ensures a balanced process throughout the cutting cycle as well as drastically reducing cycle times.

This high-performance milling machine is currently paired with the Hydrafeed Multifeed 65 automatic shaft loader which allows for the seamless transition of billets from one cycle to the next as well as massively contributing to the overall productivity on the shop floor.