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Since 2009 Dawnlough have been providing Design Services to our clients in the MedTech, Aerospace and Automotive industries.

Our experienced design team is dedicated to providing best in class engineering design solutions & support to our clients for their product design and development, as well as process development needs. Through innovative designs we enable our customers to achieve higher efficiency within their manufacturing processes and better-quality products while reducing costs, improving throughput, consistency, and optimized functionality. Our expertise and focus on design for manufacturability (DFM) ensures that our customers benefit from reduced time to market, reduced manufacturing and assembly costs, better conforming and higher quality functional product.

Our ethos is…‘Collaborative Design with Right First Time Approach’.

We listen carefully to our customer’s needs and delve deeply to identify complete requirement specifications right from the outset. We work closely with our customers as we see the client’s own subject matter expertise as vital input to the design process. Our design engineers draw on extensive experience from thousands of design projects and apply best practices to produce optimal solutions tailored to the client’s own product, process or application. In addition to providing solutions for our customers outside our facility, we provide design solutions to optimise our own manufacturing processes that improve efficiency and competitiveness.

Dawnlough’s Design Service provides solutions that range from R&D start-up products at various stages of design and development, to manufacturing process equipment for well-established global production facilities. The majority of our clients operate within highly regulated industries such as MedTech and Aerospace so our design team are acutely familiar with the standards expected and required; the quality of what we produce for our clients is of paramount importance to us.

Our engineers are proficient in various 3D CAD platforms and are trained in Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, in addition to CE marking under the Machinery Directive.

We provide a direct, one-to-one service and our design team are ready and available to discuss your project needs.


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