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We started the new year off with a fantastic new addition to our machining capabilities. We are very happy to announce that Dawnlough has now set up our new Nakamura-Tome MX-100 here in our Galway facility.

This immense feat of Japanese engineering has a footprint of 4,350mm x 2795mm and can be equipped with up to 8” chucks. It has a spindle rotation speed of 6,000 rpm and can turn bars up to Ø305mm and 834mm in length. This twin spindle machining center has an impressive 1m distance between its left and right spindle mountings which creates opportunities for more complex machining on a larger scale.

The broad machining capabilities of this machine allows for consistent high-quality parts to be manufactured with less operator interaction involved. The fact that multiple operations can be carried out in the one machining center also reduces the amount of work that are in WIP. This can drastically improve on the factory logistics as well as reduce the number of scrapped parts that can arise from multiple set ups between machines.